Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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From the play, Othello, by William Shakespeare I had concluded that, due to Iago’s evil nature, he had set-up the fate of Othello and Desdemona and this is because he wanted revenge on Othello. Surprisingly I have found that some critics disagree with this or they contradict it with different explanations as to why they think otherwise. As Othello is such a complex play, there can be many interpretations and arguments between critics creating a cause for multiple meanings. The critics that I will be discussing about will be William Marginn (1987), Bell, Millicent (1997) and Fred West (1978) which all are at different time periods. The critics tend to have interesting observations on Iago’s motives, acknowledging insight of his character and provide a reason to explain about his actions, which had affected both Desdemona and Othello later on tragically. All of these critics had very independent views on the nature of Iago, which had broadened possibilities and ideas for my understanding towards his motives, and on why he was so against Othello.

William Marginn (1987) writes about what he thinks of the character of Iago specifically about his intentions. What he seems to argue is that ‘’At the outset Iago intends merely to gull Roderigo and undermine Cassio, but that the circumstance of Othello 's marriage unfortunately presents itself as surer means to gain his revenge.’’ and ‘’he concludes that the most legitimate of those offered by Iago is Cassio 's appointment to the

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