Othello, By William Shakespeare

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Iago is well aware of the scheme he is putting into action and plays on Othello’s weakness “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on” (Othello. 3.3.167-169). Iago takes advantage of his own wife, Emilia, retaining Desdemona’s scarf from Othello from her and placing it in Cassio’s possession. By doing, this Iago is able to prove his allegations of Desdemona and Cassio. Othello expresses jealousy and believes that Desdemona has been unfaith to him with Cassio and must kill her. He strangles Desdemona with his own hands. During this time, women were to be submissive to their husband, which makes it understandable why instead of fighting Othello she allows him to take her life. Moreover, it shows the respect and love she held for Othello. Emilia finds her woman dead and is furious because she knows the faithfulness of her woman. Emilia shows the most courage by speaking on Desdemona’s behalf against her own husband. She explains she gave the scarf to Iago exploiting him of all his lies. Iago instructs her to be quiet and she does not follow directions so he kills Emilia. There is a room full of men, guards at that, but not one go to her rescue. This exhibits the treatment society gives to women during this time. Women are more of an ownership than a human being. Society treats women as if they must earn their value through the type of wife they are to a man. Iago’s anger is the leading cause of

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