Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

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The Dramatic play entitled Othello is an unusual story full of jealousy, dark misunderstandings, lies, and regrets. Following Aristotle 's definition of a true tragedy, where does the tale of Othello fall? Is Othello too dramatic too be considered a tragedy or does it barely fall along the lines of tragic? Shakespeare 's innovation with poetry and dramatic plays have been recognized by critics and playgoers throughout the centuries (Lee,1899). The Bard 's play entitled Othello, is among some of the most acknowledged pieces of the medieval ages. It is the consuming and destructive power of passion that marks the superiority of Shakespeare 's work over that of his fellow writers, according to Crawford in his article on Shakespearean dramas(Crawford, 1916). A consuming and destructive power is quite prevalent throughout the drama of Othello. It is the destruction of lies. The play is comprised of many characters, but Shakespeare mainly keeps his audience 's attention on three people: Othello, Desdemona, and Iago. Othello, of course, is the main character and the husband to Desdemona. Othello also has a history of being a general in the venetian military. It is this history of militia that connects his acquaintance with Iago. Apparently, Othello did not grant Iago with a promotion which in-turn, causes Iago to have his "turn upon him"(Shakespeare,1604). Iago 's plan for revenge begins to take form once he discovers Othello 's marriage to Desdemona. Iago plans to convince

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