Othello, By William Shakespeare

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Othello, a tragic play written by William Shakespeare centers around the characters and the conflict that arise as a result of the character’s perception of the world. Each character’s self-influenced perception of truth and appearance either blinds them from deception or enables them to manipulate others. Othello is virtuous, trustworthy, and naive and believes that people are what they appear to be which ultimately results in his demise. Lagos, on the other hand, is a complicated character as he is the exact opposite of what he represents himself to be and it is for that reason that he is capable of developing such an evil plot and having the peace of mind to pull it off. The relationship between the characters and the text are…show more content…
Although at times throughout the play Desdemona appears to be submissive, she remains true to her convictions showcasing her inner strength. She tells her father and the Duke "My heart has been captured by my husband 's noble character. I saw Othello 's true appearance in his inner being, and I consecrated my soul and fortunes to his honor and his excellent qualities" (I.iii. 250-254). This statement is a testament to her true beauty and purity as the affection of all the wealthy and handsome suitors was rejected by Desdemona for she was not interested in their physical and worldly qualities, instead, she wished to spend her life with a husband that possessed the same moral conviction and noble character as her. Ironically, her innocence and unwavering convictions prevent her from understanding the evils that are present in the world; therefore she befriends a devil, believing that she can trust Lagos the same as her husband does. Cassio and Emilia, much like the other characters in the play were taken advantage of by Lagos due to their trusting nature which ultimately leads to their untimely deaths. This is especially true when Cassio lets down his inhibitions in the presence of what he believes is an ally; from his point of view, there 's no reason to be suspicious of Lagos. Afterall, Lagos is a trusted soldier. Once he is desperate to be reinstated to his position

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