Othello Character Analysis

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Othello by William Shakespeare Envy drives man’s heart to seek revenge in horrible fashions. In Shakespeare’s Othello, the title character bears the full brunt of the anger and frustration of his right-hand man, Iago. Iago’s passionate loathing drives the central conflict of the plot. Having been a general in the army for many years, Othello worked and scratched his way to the top. Being a black man in an all-white society, it’s not an easy thing to do—to be respected. But he came out on top, and now he’s married this beautiful, young, intelligent, white wife named Desdemona. Othello also appointed as his lieutenant a personal friend named Cassio instead of Iago. In his mind, Iago believes he deserved the position and therefore vows revenge against the Moor. With Othello’s unapproved marriage to Desdemona, his opportunity plants itself. Using Othello’s pretty wife, Cassio’s flirtatious nature, and Othello’s own jealous nature and trust of Iago, Iago is able to manipulate Othello into believing his word above anybody else’s. As the plot progresses, and Othello’s trust in Iago—and mistrust in the people who truly care about him—deepens, the consequences prove to be dire. Othello ultimately touches on the themes of betrayal, specifically that of Iago towards Othello, jealousy, in how Iago exploits Othello’s buried green-eyed monster, and how a black person is treated by a predominately white society. In a time where there were few blacks in positions of power, Shakespeare’s

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