Othello The Flaw. At The Core, Othello Is Essentially A

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Othello the Flaw At the core, Othello is essentially a good man, but he possesses many qualities, which alone are not inherently immoral, but as a whole they are corrupting to his character. After conversing with Roderigo, Iago describes Othello in his monologue such that “The Moor is of a free and open nature / That thinks men honest that but seem to be so” (1.3.380-381). Iago divulges how he will take advantage of this. Clearly Othello’s openness is a good quality in a leader with social status, he can make friends and bond with his subordinates like Cassio, but this trusting nature allows evil men such as Iago to take advantage of him as Iago plans to do. In the same soliloquy Iago goes on to say that he will lead Othello like an ass,…show more content…
Othello harbors doubts about Iago and Desdemona, but he lets himself be convinced by circumstantial evidence of Desdemona’s false actions. In a conversation with Iago about his cuckolding he says, “I think my wife be honest, and think she is not; / I think that thou art just, and think thou art not” (3.3.384-385). He knows that he should be more distrustful of appearances and Iago, but he nevertheless let’s himself be convinced of her guilt. Othello is torn between his conflicting beliefs, but puts his trust into the wrong person when he confides with Iago. Had he investigated further it would have been possible that he discovered the truth, but his suspicions of Cassio, and Desdemona alienated him from his lieutenant a wife and his anger prevented him from confronting them in a reasonable manner. Othello is controlled by his emotions, and the faith which he puts into others was easy to take advantage of by someone as cunning as Iago. A hero, who’s flaws, not all bad in principal, lead to his self-destruction. As a trusting man and good leader, Othello heeds the advise of his subordinates, but this character trait, leads him to trust a liar and suspect his loyal companion Cassio. “Honest” Iago convinces him that his wife is being unfaithful, and his lieutenant has betrayed him. When he sees Cassio courting Desdemona to get back into Othello’s good graces, he asks to know Iago’s thoughts on the matter, and Iago’s hesitant act draws him in, Othello

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