Othello, The Moor Of Venice, Is One Of The Principal Tragedies

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Othello, the Moor of Venice, is one of the principal tragedies by Shakespeare. This tragedy contains many themes which are important in society today. Many aspects of people 's lives have changed, but the way people think is still the same . Shakespeare 's Othello wants to underline the psychological and social impact of racism; and the power of manipulation as well as jealousy. These are the most important themes throughout this drama. Othello takes place in Venice, Italy. He was a black general in the Venetian army. Iago is Othello 's ambitious friend; Iago feels betrayed and despised by Othello who gave him the rank of lieutenant when ascending to Casio and not to him. As a result of this, Iago will present different ways of getting…show more content…
The character of Iago shows us when a person can affect the decision of another person. Iago is a very calculating man who uses his intelligence to make Othelo vulnerable. Iago is a person who has talent to use people at his convenience; using Othelo as a perfect target. In the current society there is unfortunately a lot of racism still occurring for example modern society has put laws so that people treat each other with respect and allow each other their right to freedom. While the actions of men can be legislated, their hearts and fears fail. For this reason, part of society continues to discriminate and marginalize different groups of people. Desdemona fell in love with Othello because of his individuality, his being different. He appeared before her like an unknown world to know and to decipher. Othello and Desdemona are able to cross all the barriers imposed by culture and race. Although they fought all that so that they can be together, the evil of Iago reaches them. Iago creates a plan to make Othello believe that his wife cheats on him with another. Shakespeare shows us how Othello falls into the trap of Iago, and is impelled to perform acts that go against his own identity. False proofs and lies made Othello 's jealousy grow, this brought about the tragic of murder of Desdemona. This play illustrates many things that are wrong with society even
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