Othello Tragic Flaw

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Muskan Kapoor
Professor Shapiro
English 220.03
20 October 2017
It Is Othello’s Own Faults
In Shakespeare’s Othello, Othello is a highly acclaimed general and because of his many achievements he has transcended stereotypes projected upon Moors in Venetian society. Desdemona and the nature of her affair, although it is false, is considered to be the root cause of Othello’s downfall and violent demise. Othello feels anxious about the racist nature engrained in Venetian society and eventually projects this manner upon his identity. The differences gave to his rise of paranoia and results in his inner struggle. Although, Othello is an authoritative and respectable general in Venice, his tragic flaw is his insecurities about his racial
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Brabantio explicitly state that Othello has magical and satanic powers and has taken ascendency of Desdemona’s young innocence. Othello later relays these associated negative traits after he is introduced to the notion of Desdemona’s infidelity. He questions “Why did I get married?” (3.3.244). While Othello is enraged about Desdemona’s act of infidelity and he will “tear her o pieces” he continues to refer to his darker skin color and racist indications about his nature (3.3.452). Othello further displays his self-doubt when he states, “As Dian’s visage, is now bargained and black/As mine own face” displaying how his reputation is soiled (3.3.397-398). He compares the purity of whiteness as contrast to his black face. He morphs the stereotypical insults into his identity and now perceives himself in the same degraded and racist manner,
Othello’s identity is composed of his occupation as a general and a husband to Desdemona and as a result of Desdemona’s possible affair with Casio, Othello continues to loathe and lament his new founded loss of identity. Othello and Desdemona fell in love with each other on the foundation of Othello’s adventures and Desdemona equating the painful life stories of Othello with love and “a world of kisses” (1.3.158). Iago is able to easily manipulate Othello into believing that Desdemona does not love him
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