Othello and Antigone Essay

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Othello and Antigone

Othello, takes place in Venice during an attack of the island of Cyprus . The protagonist is Othello and The antagonist of the story is Iago, who wants
Othello to give him the rank of head luitenant but the position was given to
Cassio. Desdemona is Othello's wife who is having an affair with Cassio.
Roderigo, is a character madley in love with Desdemona; and Emilia , who is iago's wife. The heart of this story is trajic. Although Othello is a noble warrior, he is a jealous person . with this, most of the play portreys the factor on jealousy which causes corruption. Many conflicts are found in Othello, man vs. man is one . also, when Iago seeks revenge against Othello and
Cassio because of
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There is a scripture in the Bible about Job, who God decides to test by taking his riches, losing his loved ones and leaving him without anything.
Othello assumes and says that he would "rather have this man's fortune than the jealousy and pain that is inflicted upon his mind by Desdemona's supposed infidelity". This is another great style Shakespeare uses to display how tormented Othello is, which makes puts him in a state of rage which makes the play more exciting .

A similar play which has the same view is the story Antigone. Antigone displays many qualities that make it a great tragedy. Fear and pity was achieved in this play when polynices was left without the proper burial after his fathers death.Antigone , later has a plan to bury here brother Polynices and also wants Isme to help her. but Isme is afraid to help her cause she would most likely be put to death if done, because of the Kings orders.
Because the King was stubborn, He then looses his wife, son, and neice
Antigone in the end of this trajic result; This brings the 2 emotions of the ending together, pity for the King and fear of not wanting it to happen to the reader. The lesson learned show that "stubborness can sometimes blind you to the affect of your actions. Similarite within antigone and othello arise in the fact of how
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