Othello and Frankenstein Essay

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From Man to Monster When monsters are thought of a very distinct picture comes to mind. An ugly creature that is out for blood, born into a life where causing misery is his driving force. Do these features really define what a monster is; works of literature like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Shakespeare’s Othello tell quite a different story. Monsters are not born but made just as people are not born evil but can sometimes end up there. Othello and the Monster start of as good men looking to be part of society but were pushed out because of what others perceived them to be. This caused them to mentally and physically isolate themselves from everyone allowing hatred to take over. Iago and Frankenstein also helped to instill thoughts …show more content…
Since Othello is being manipulated he finds it hard to be around any one causing him to separate himself from his loved ones and colleagues. When asking to speak with Desdemona to question her on her infidelity he tells her, “Get you to bed on th’ instant. I will be returned/ forth with. Dismiss your attendant there. Look’t be/ done.” (Shakespeare IV, iii, 7-9). He is uncomfortable talking to her in the presence of Emilia, almost like an outsider being involved would confuse him further. His separation from all other characters other than Iago keeps him from knowing the truth. This causes his mind to run wild and come up with reasons that justify him in his monstrous actions that have become more frequent. However, in comparison the Monsters physical isolation causes him to mentally isolate himself. After being abandon by Frankenstein the Monster is forced to live on his own in the woods. Realizing that human kind will never truly accept him he asks Victor to create him a mate stating, “I am alone and miserable man will not associate with me” (Shelley, 118). When Victor ultimately denies the Monster of companionship he becomes enraged again continuing to lose his faith in mankind. The Monsters physical segregation fuels his mental isolation whole Othello’s mental isolation fuels his physical segregation. Othello and the Monster are also mentally isolated in very different ways. Othello’s mental isolation is driven by Iago’s manipulation.

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