Essay Othello and Iago in William Shakespeare's Play

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Othello and Iago in William Shakespeare's Play Othello, the main character in the play is married to Desdemona. At the start of the play Othello is seen as evil and bad by all the other characters and the audience. Brobantio (Desdemona's father), dislikes Othello very much at the start of the play. This is because Othello married Desdemona without her father's consent and Brobantio thinks Othello has used black magic to win Desdemona's love. Whereas, this isn't the case, Othello married Desdemona because he loved her and she loved him. Also, in the time period the play is set, women were never seen as very important people in society and they were seen as the property of men. Usually their husband…show more content…
In other words, Desdemona loved Othello for the life threatening things he's done and Othello loved Desdemona for pitying them. This remark clears his name for marrying Desdemona. The Duke and Brobantio become convinced that Othello loves Desdemona enough, to set Othello free, without facing any serious charges. We also learn, Othello is called on business to Cyprus and he has been "most hotly called for", in the court case. In other words, Othello has been called to Cyprus because he is a very important soldier. Othello takes Desdemona to Cyprus with him. This shows Othello is a kind and honest man because he is kind enough to take his wife with him, not to leave her behind like many men would have. On the other hand, however, the audience see that Iago is evil and bad, the first time they meet him, whereas, all the characters see him as honest and good at the start of the play. Roderigo is easily tricked into thinking Iago is going to help get him and Desdemona together, (even though Desdemona is already married), if he keeps paying Iago to help. Iago is just conning Roderigo out of money; the audience can see that Iago is evil and bad here but the character, Roderigo, doesn't. The audience soon finds out that, Iago hates Othello because Othello gave Michael Cassio the job Iago has been wanting for ages, (Othello's second man in command). Iago also tells the audience
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