Othello by William Shakespeare

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Iago has been frequently judged as an evil villain for the meticulous acts he makes after Othello betrays him. Though he was never a murderous villain until his downfall he is unfairly viewed as the antagonist in the play. Since the commencement Iago was an honest military man who never wronged anybody up until they wronged him. He was stripped of a military promotion he had been looking forward to accepting by Othello the general and not only this he was also informed that Othello might have been having relations with his wife Emilia. Iago felt betrayed due to the fact that the person elected (Cassio) did not even have battlefield experience of any sort compared to Iago and used the fact of Othello and Emilia being together as a further reason to propel himself to take action. He knew this decision had to have some sort of favoritism encouragement by taking into account that Othello’s wife Desdemona is dear friends with Cassio. Iago was not going to be an onlooker in this demeaning situation so he rightfully took action by ingeniously and harmlessly instigating critical emotional situations in the lives of his trusting targets leading to their own heedless demises. I dispute that Iago should not be viewed as malevolent as the play depicts because when critically analyzing the tragedy it is evident that he was just an honest Christian man rebelling to seek justice for his betrayal from…
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