Othello by William Shakespeare

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In order for a playwright to be successful, the playwright must uphold the curiosity of the audience. The catastrophe of Othello is one of Shakespeare’s well-known plays, and it is notorious for catching the attention of the audience. The Shakespeare had an intriguing way of capturing an audience or reader in remarkable way. Shakespeare uses countless methods in order to achieve his goal.
Shakespeare guaranteed the misfortune of Othello would clutch the curiosity of the audience by the building of interesting characters, search for widespread themes, use of a witty technique and a well-written script presenting a persuasive plot. The plot of Othello is has a sequence of events that plays a big role in sustaining the interest of the audience. Shakespeare’s objective was to write a well written-script with plot that captivates the attention of the audience leaving them please and wanting more after reading or watching it. Othello is a play has a series of events presenting extreme drama, twists, tragedy and mystery that enthralls the audience leaving them wanting more. For example the audience reads the suspenseful drama regarding Othello, Desdemona and the manipulation Iago has on Othello in Act IV, Scene l. This sequence of events is carried on through the entire play. Shakespeare uses characters and creates them to manipulative causing drama making the…
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