Othello by William Shakespeare

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What is the most important trait in a healthy relationship? The romance? The dates? The sweet words? No. It is the trust. If there is no trust between lovers then the hope of a stable relationship is absolutely impossible. This brings us to our main lovers, Othello and Desdemona. Though in the beginning their love felt sweeter than a meringue; jealousy reared its ugly head and consumed Othello, making him believe his wife to be unfaithful. But mere jealousy alone was not the only cause for the demise of what Othello and Desdemona had. Iago was the match that sparked the forest fire, meaning Iago was the beginning of it all. But why was Othello so quick to believe him? The reason for Othello believing in Iago's dishonest words so quickly was because to Othello, Iago was a 'trustworthy and honest' man, Iago planted seeds of doubt in Othello's mind, and because Othello cares more for restoring his status and honor rather than believing his own wife; this is important because it brings up the question whether Othello truly loved Desdemona.

Iago had the perfect mask of an 'honest and trustworthy' man, making Othello falling prey to his lies. Othello was gullible and lacked experience with women, Iago knew this, which made it much easier to make Othello trust him whole heartedly to the point of believing every word Iago said. Iago portrays himself as a righteous and good man by telling Othello,"O wretched fool, that liv'st to make thine honesty a vice! O monstrous

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