Othello is Solely Responsible for his Downfall in Shakespeare's Othello

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I believe Iago has nothing to do with Othello's downfall as Othello is an easily mislead man who is easily influenced. Not only did Iago not directly say Desdemona was having an affair, he neither didn’t give proof to confirm the rumours. By Othello believing the lies, it surfaces his inability to trust and have faith in his own wife. Othello is written by William Shakespeare and was set in Cyprus and Venice during the 16th century. It is about a well-respected military soldier who due to lies and deceits killed his wife for no reason and after turned the knife towards himself. The play illustrates how much one could be polluted in such little time; with the ‘facts’ based upon suspicions and assumptions from a source who was determined to …show more content…
But we can’t make a final judgement as his true characteristics have not yet surfaced. We learn through Iago that Othello is a terrible man as he supposedly stole Brabantio’s innocent daughter, Desdemona, and married her during the night; with the use of witchcraft and black magic to posses her into marrying him as Brabantio says;
‘O thou foul thief, where hast thou stowed my daughter?
Damned as thou art, thou hast enchanted her!’
We learn Othello through Iago that he is an easy target to manipulate because he is so open:
‘And will as tenderly be led by th’ nose
As asses are.’
Othello can be lead into anything just because he believes everybody is a good honest person. In some cases, like Iago’s, this is a bad thing as he can be fooled easily by false assumptions. He also says he is an open and a straightforward person.
“The Moor is of free and open nature
That thinks men honest that but seem to be so…”
He is approachable and straight forward man who supposedly has favourites, unfair, and always and must have his own way. We soon find out that this is false by the way Othello presents himself in front of the duke. By Othello obtaining these characteristics, he can be easily fooled and persuaded, which Iago acts upon. We find out Othello is a soldier. Being a soldier, you will also acquire the nature such as always shouting, commanding and bad mannered. We find out that Othello is exactly the
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