Othello 's Influence On The World Of Opera

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Verdi’s Othello has had a profound influence on the world of opera, and considered by many critics to be his best work. Othello has been performed throughout the world, debuting in over 25 countries within the first fifty years of its creation (Stanford). It has been performed all over the globe by world-renowned operettists, in theatres such as the Lincoln Center in New York, the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, and the Bolshoi in Russia. Othello is about a general who is led to believe his wife is cheating on him, when in reality she is not, and deceived by Iago, a man he trusted. Othello has two love duets between the same characters, but with very different moods and relationships, which are portrayed through the dialogue, the stage actions, and most importantly the musical strategies employed.
The opera Othello was written by Verdi, one of the most prominent opera writers in the late 1800’s. He was born in 1813 in northern Italy, however, most of his work took place in Milan, Italy. This is where, on February 5th of 1887, Othello was first performed, at the Teatro alla Scala (Stanford). Verdi’s opera Othello is based off of Shakespeare’s play Othello, which was written in 1622. Verdi based many of his operas off of Shakespeare’s plays, such as his opera ­­Macbeth that was based on the play Macbeth, first performed in 1847, and his opera Falstaff, based on the play The Merry Wives of Windsor, first performed in 1893. In Othello, a black Moor general has just returned from a…
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