Othello's Flaws

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The modern world generally prefers characters that have flaws and qualities that are more humanlike. As said by Nicholas Cage, “I like flawed characters because somewhere in them I see more of the truth”. This statement holds much truth as flaws illustrate who the character really is and what their true intentions are. Therefore, characters with imperfections are more likely to have more of an appeal to the public. Many stories, such as Othello by the famous playwright William Shakespeare, have characters that may seem flawless on the outside, but when imperfections are portrayed, the truth is exposed. The character Othello, from the tragedy Othello, is portrayed as faultless in many ways in the beginning. However, as the story goes on,…show more content…
For example, Othello chose to react to the alleged love affair between Desdemona and Cassio in a negative way. This revealed his real thoughts and true colors. Truth is also revealed through the tendency of humans to believe what others tell other people and what they want those people to believe. Othello shows many flawed qualities, providing a connection between the modern world and Othello.Iago is most definitely the character with more appeal in appearance, but has just as many well-hidden flaws, continually driving the plot. Iago manages to manipulate many other characters in a negative way, for example Roderigo and Othello. Throughout almost the entire play, Roderigo is easily deceived by Iago, due to Iago using him to his own advantage. Another flaw of Iago’s is that he underestimates the influence and ability of many minor characters, such as his wife Emilia. This major flaw leads to his downfall as his well-thought out plan falls apart in the end, mainly due to the boldness of Emilia. Iago also has a great want to be powerful, getting rid of those in his way. For instance, he kills Roderigo in the end for no good reason except that Iago does not want Roderigo ruining his great plot. Iago possesses many flaws that allow the public to view him as a realistic character.
Iago’s various imperfections are what eventually bring about his own demise. He has a great thirst for power and revenge, making up only a few of
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