Other Goat And Ram Gods

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Other Goat/Ram Gods Among the various goat/ram Egyptian gods besides Pan and Amon/Amen, there occurs Khem/Khnum, Banebdjedet, Mendes, Bacchus, Set, Min, Horus, Ra, Osiris, that parallel goat presentations. Predominantly, these particular gods intertwine their relationship together due to their sexual standings. Due to Pan’s sexual perversions, predictably Egypt had claims of different places being “the only place of goat worship;” nevertheless, there are conspicuously numerous locations. Mendes (Djedet) became one of the main areas; yet, clearly there are numerous others. In the wide development of goat gods, the god Min excels as one of the oldest ever found in Egypt. Min’s powerful dominating presence overtook the land maximizing the worship of sex. Concurrently, in Koptos, there are three gigantic figures of Min broken into various pieces. Min became a god shown all over Egypt sometimes in male human form, and assuredly occurs directly equated with Pan. Indeed, the enigmatic Min persists as being always shown naked within the temples and in the sanctuaries; which typically contained elaborate shires for him. Unequivocally, Victorian Egyptologists took only waist-up photographs of Min due to his protruding penis. The connection with Min and Pan grew to great heights in the capital city of Akhmim. Prevalently, Pan’s authority grew to such influence that they renamed it Panopolis, as the “City of Pan” where another temple of Pan advanced. Regretfully, the
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