Other People Do Not Have Minds

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Other people do not have minds. At least, I cannot know for sure that they do, and will argue for this case in this essay. The problem of other minds (that is, can we know that other people have minds) is a problem that (like all classic philosophical problems) seemingly has no provable answer. The problem is such; I do not know for sure that other people actually have minds; I only know what my own experiences are like through direct experience (i.e. I know my experiences because I experience them), but I cannot have direct knowledge of other people’s experiences, as I cannot experience their experiences alongside them. Therefore, I only have information about people’s behaviour to go on; e.g. I cannot know that someone is happy, but I can experience them behave in such a way that would lead me to the conclusion that they’re happy, as that is how I would act if I were happy. The problem with this, however, is that behaviour is not equal to mental states, and therefore I have no knowledge of other people’s mental states, only that they seem to experience mental states based on their behaviour. Of course, I cannot know that they experience mental states for sure, as I cannot experience other’s mental states, I can only draw conclusions from their behaviour, which does not prove that they do have minds. One way that would prove the existence of other minds would be to experience another’s mental state. As I experience my own mental states directly, that is sufficient proof for
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