Other Stressors Of Single Parenting

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Other stressors of single parenting include the increase in financial strain. Individuals who have full- or even part-time jobs will need to find a way to balance childcare responsibilities and work. (Irving, 2011). This may also lead to the increased need for babysitters, which is an added expense, and sometimes an unreliable resource. The stress and strain on a single parent may lead to extreme irritation, and with the already reduced time to resolve these conflicts, they are often led to releasing their frustrations on their children through displacement (Duff, 1979). Some, however, may find that once they have overcome the altering of parenting practices post-divorce, they can keep a closer, keen eye on their child or children. Some may say that when parenting from a dual system, rules and expectations can seem ambiguous (McBride, Schoppe, & Rane, 2004). While single parenting is a challenge, many individuals claim that they would rather take on single parenting than raising a child in a conflicted, toxic nuclear household (L’Hommedieu, 1984).

How can we still insist that married couples will continue to exist in the future if more than half of marriages have this much disarray and dissolution? Family has a great deal of purpose in our society today: a sense of belonging, intimacy, attachment, and support (Spanier & Thompson, 1984). Although inhibiting emotional, financial, and social turmoil may result from a divorce, individuals may be given a second chance…

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