Other Stressors Of Single Parenting

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Other stressors of single parenting include the increase in financial strain. Individuals who have full- or even part-time jobs will need to find a way to balance childcare responsibilities and work. (Irving, 2011). This may also lead to the increased need for babysitters, which is an added expense, and sometimes an unreliable resource. The stress and strain on a single parent may lead to extreme irritation, and with the already reduced time to resolve these conflicts, they are often led to releasing their frustrations on their children through displacement (Duff, 1979). Some, however, may find that once they have overcome the altering of parenting practices post-divorce, they can keep a closer, keen eye on their child or children.…show more content…
If and when individuals eventually are able to move on after the conclusion of their marriage, they may then move on and find the next source of love, commitment, and support (Spanier & Thompson, 1984). Who is to say that those separated families are broken and damaged, anyways? Maybe families are better off as a separate, binuclear function (Ahrons, 2013). Some divorces are known to result in serious problems for the family involved, but there are many that do not! Millions of families now operate daily with the reality of divorce as a recognized, normal passage in their lives. Research shows that about one-half of these binuclear families manage to forge constructive relationships (Stringfellow, 2012). Ahrons (2013) said that there may be differences in the degrees to which couples get along following their divorce, but ultimately there are two main concerns that are seemingly consistent across the board: to sustain a positive family relationship while continuing on with their separate lives. The wellbeing of the children involved is a primary concern, too, but it is up to the ex-spouses to determine the emotional climate of the family (Amato & Keith, 1991). No matter the severity of the divorce, the relationship of the ex-spouses - or soon to be ex-spouses, or the size of the family, attending family counseling would be a great way to talk through some of the issues each individual has or had with the others in
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