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Joe Reidy The Other Wes Moore tells a story of two young men growing up in similar situations. No father, kipping class, drug influence some situations the Wes Moore’s have to deal with, however one ends up a road scholar and influential author the other ends up in prison serving life. This book is a prime example of how certain choices can determine the rest of one’s life. Personal responsibility, self sufficiency and citizen leader ship are boldly highlighted and brought to life in this work. Wes Moore shows how all these traits play into life and where you can end up. Personal responsibility is portrayed throughout the whole book in both of the Wes’s moms. These two women took full responsibility for themselves and their children.…show more content…
Writing the book, serving in the military corps, and become a road scholar. Citizen leadership is not shown as much in the book as it was in Wes when he stops from school to school. Wes has taken his experiences and shares them with other so that they wont have to endure what he has. He guides the youth and even some of the older class, and helps them realize the incredible reality of how your choices affect you. Transitioning in to college has made me realize just how important all these traits are and how they correspond to my success. Wes’s visit to Longwood and speech helped me a lot too. Personal responsibility is the simple fact that I am an adult now and my action speak back on me. I have to take responsibility for myself, my actions and education. If I miss class that all on me and no one else and I will suffer the consequences. Taking care of myself is a reality now. No one is here to make sure I get up, make me food or give me A’s just for trying. Self sufficiency need to be a core trait of mine in college. I need to be able to take care of myself, whether getting a job or minting a solid GPA, my life is in my hands now. Citizen leadership is just a great quality to add on the the numerous others. Everyone possess a gift and can provide help to those who don’t exactly know what they’re doing or they might just be having a hard time. What is the point of knowledge if you aren’t using it to help other people? Helping your community to become a more

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