Other Woman

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I. Author of the Text

Norma O. Miraflor graduated with a degree of AB Philosophy from the University of Santo Tomas. She received various awards from the Philippine Free Press and Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards in Literature. She and her sister are poets and fictionists. Due to their eloquence in English, they both wrote various English poems, fictional stories and novels. She and her sister were like the famous Brönte sisters who were renowned British novelists. She worked as a journalist and taught English and
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It happens most especially to wives that just stayed in the house and all alone.

There are a lot of instances that husbands tend to abuse their wives submission to them which can be an issue around us because even though wives are to submit, they should still learn to treat their wives in a very special way with love.

3. Pre-marital Sex

Premarital sex simply means having sex before marriage. It could be a very big issue all around right now especially that we have media everywhere. It is right for people especially the younger ones (teenager) to know that pre-marital sex is something that they should really take importance to especially for women. Because once a woman or a girl committed it and got pregnant, there will be a lot of consequences that they should be ready to face and one day, they’ll realize that it was one of the biggest mistakes that they had made in their life.

IV. Issues in the Philippine Context

1. Infidelity

In the context of Filipino culture, infidelity is not just against our moral but also against our faith. Being a Christian country, we practice a monogamous marriage. Having an affair with somebody else is a very bad image in this country especially when you’re a woman because being a wife you are known to be modest, loyal and faithful to your spouse. It is also a great issue when a woman has affairs with a younger man because in

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