Othering: A Short Story

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Othering happens everyday without us noticing. We go hang out with people like us, similar to us, but don't talk to or try to be anywhere near people who are different. For example smart people usually hang out with other smart people, or the athletic kids hang out with the other athletic kids. Some people don’t notice it because they grew up like that. Othering has embedded itself into our world, and most people have no idea its happening.

I see othering everyday. When something happens in the world everyone is talking about it and if it's race related people avoid those people. After all, it only takes a spark to start a whole blaze. And in middle school it's worse. People don't usually get all the facts so they fill up the empty spaces
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I have friends spanning across tons of groups. Smart, athletic, popular, unpopular, slow, fast, etc. I don’t judge people by the world’s standards. I don’t look at people and if they wear glasses I don’t think, “nerd.” I get to know people's and see who they are then. Sure, people still judge me, and they associate me with a certain group, but I don't do that. The reason I do that it because I’ve been judged like that before and hate that. When I first moved here, I knew no one. I try to talk to someone, and they look at me if I was crazy. For a week living here, no one talked to me because I was the new kid. That was easily the worst week of my life. So same thing doesn’t happen too them, I don't judge.

But othering truly started in the past. It was so common in the past, it managed to stay alive this long. Othering started happening in Egypt. That was when slavery started. Because this started it would lead too many Centuries of othering and mistreatment because of the color of people’s skin. Now, if they had just treated everyone the same, none of have happened. No africans taken from their homes, no racism. It carried over to america to. But othering not just by the color of their skin, but also political party. Jefferson and Hamilton ought for years because of parties and it split the
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