Othering In Australia

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Othering is an anthropological term referring to the practice of intrinsically classifying people consciously or otherwise as inferior and alien to the social identity of one’s self. Edward Siad (1978) characterized othering as the western construction of non-western cultures as the other, as alien, distant, and irrational. This explores the idea that othering is a creation of the west to present itself at the top of the social hierarchy, against backwards, non-compatible, non western cultures that pose a threat to its social and cultural values. This characterization correlates with the Australian news medias conclusive othering of individuals of non-Christian faith, most predominantly in recent times, Muslims. This piece explores the way…show more content…
This has resulted in the public becoming active players in the media communication process. But has this changed the way the media influences our opinions since the beginning of the decade? in this case our understanding of Muslims and Islam as a part of Australian culture. It is evident people understand and interpret media presented to them by factors such as the education of the reader/viewer as well as their social and cultural background, however, the method in which the information is presented to them is also a considerable factor. An example of this is the editorial and presentation styles adopted by different media…show more content…
This is a 39% increase in the Australian Muslim growth rate since 2001, alarmingly, surpassing Australia’s current total population projections, however, although Islam is the fastest growing religion internationally, it is not domestically and Muslims are still an under represented minority in Australia. The above mentioned figures are an example as to how statistics can be manipulated into the wrong context to fit a media publications own construction of Muslim discourse. The contemporary (post 2000) links between Muslims and terrorism made by the media were the unprecedented widespread attacks in the United States that occurred on 11 September 2001. These events set the scene for the Australian medias role in implicitly and explicitly identifying Muslims as the other, equating Muslims [and Islam] with the threat of terrorism (Anne Ally,2007). An example of the equating of Islam with terrorism is Sharia Law. The media often associates this holy law of Islam documenting the expectations of Allah, and the positive principles followed by billions of Muslims of different backgrounds and cultures globally through scenes of brutality and oppression of the people in the conflicted middle eastern region linking it to the corrupted Jihadist fighters
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