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Business Context/Key Business Drivers * Otis is the largest manufacture, installer, and servicer of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways in the world * Specialize in logistics, service excellence, and total solutions for customers * Key drivers: * Transform the culture of Otis to become a single-customer centric business model to increase profitability, attract new and maintain current customers to beat out competition * Shift focus of the Otisfrom manufacturing to logistics and information management Initiative Objectives/Benefits * Redefining the processes in the engineering, supply chain, sales, and field operations sectors to improve innovation, quality, cost, and speed * Convert the culture…show more content…
1. Restructuring processes within company a. Otis, Ford, and Mutual Benefit Life, eliminated errors and automated information/data resulting in, cutting unnecessary positions, increasing profitability, while dramatically speeding up communication between departments. b. All 3 companies had the same view of what
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