Ottawa Valley Case Study Essay

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OTTAWA VALLEY CASE October 28, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS SUMMARY OF FACTS 3 Issues 4 PROBLEM STATEMENT 4 CAUSE and EFFECTS 4 ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS 5 PROS AND CONS 6 BEST SOLUTION 8 JUSTIFICATION 9 IMPLEMENETATION 9 Appendix A Concept of Self and Others 10 SUMMARY OF FACTS: Mary Gregory was hired to replace Ella, Mary was told by R.J. Jennings that she would not be kept on after her probation period was over Karen Russell, a well respected assistant, hands R.J. Jennings a note stating that all ten assistants were in the lounge and if he did not rehire Mary Gregory they all would be voicing their complaints on CBC 6 o’clock news R.J. Jennings…show more content…
Jennings teach her what he wanted done * R.J. Jennings left her alone the first day * Did Jennings realize that a light load might be still big for a college grad, no experience * Why did Jennings not take the extra time to teach Mary Gregory what he wanted from her: filing, what to do if he is late. Not everything is common sense * Mary Gregory does not have experience. She went from graduating school, to traveling Europe, and then went to work for Jennings * Are those tasks unreasonable? * Why does Mary Gregory refuse to file * Ask for her reason, not a rude or smart remark but why she will not file * Did Jennings not provide a proper job requirement list * Did Jennings have any say in who was hired * Was he asked what he was looking for – ten years with Ella he has to have a criteria * Did HR just hire someone * Did HR actually use an old criteria * Did they see school and think she would be good * Did she go through a proper interview or was she already picked * Does she know someone within the company or community that would have helped her get the job PROBLEM STATEMENT: * R.J. Jennings and Mary Gregory have an interpersonal conflict * Appendix A CAUSE AND EFFECTS: Cause | Effect | Ella Retiring | Mary Gregory Hired | Ella went above and beyond | Jennings expectations were raised; therefore

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