Otto Dix Essay

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The Great War Through the Eyes of an Artist How does one depict art? Art has been around since the dawn of man. A form of self-expression, a way to creatively put down ones ideals in hopes of creating a masterpiece, and where ever there has been art there has been an artist. In society the artist is a very important person able to utilize his work and make the people think and question the higher power. Out of the entire artistic association of the world and over the entire timeline of history one has stood out to me. A man who essentially went to hell and back, a man who put what he saw down so that he could warn others of the tragedies of the World War One world. Scarred for life and haunted by flash-backs of the killings; the…show more content…
At the end of the war, Otto Dix received the second class iron cross and achieved the title of Vice-Sergeant-Major. Otto watched his fellow men be shot and then fall with blood gushing out, followed by their own ear-piercing screams haunted by the wailing of the numerous other injured soldiers, then be given two options ; one being carried off to a medical station to die slowly, and another option of being given a mercy shot. This trench warfare would be displayed in several of Dix’s pieces such as “Trench Warfare”, “Breakfast in the Trenches”, “Suicide in the Trenches”, and “The Trenches”. “Lice, rats, barbwire, fleas, shells, bombs, underground caves, corpses, blood, liquor, mice, cats, artillery, filth, bullets, mortars, fire, steel: That is what war is, it is the work of the devil.” (Otto Dix, 1923) Dix began to realize that what he wanted in vain, what he wanted all along, was something that no man would wish upon his greatest enemy. Otto suffered many physical and mental wounds. In one case, a shard of scrap metal flew straight into his neck almost killing him. Many bullets would find themselves into Otto’s body and would never leave. Barely surviving, Otto could often be seen by his fellow soldiers clenching a bible which he held very dear to him. “All art is exorcism. I paint dreams and visions too; the dreams and visions of my time. Painting is the effort to produce order; order
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