Otto Frank No Ordinary Diary

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No Ordinary Diary “I had never imagined how intensely Anne had occupied her mind with the problem of Jewish suffering over the centuries, and the power she had gained through her belief in God, this was a surprise to me,” said Otto Frank after he read Anne's diary. Because of the spread of Anne's diary, now not only can Otto learn about how she felt, but the world can too. Although many difficult events took place during Anne Frank's childhood before the war, life in hiding and the camps, and her legacy after the war, she is now known as one of the most famous German-Jewish Holocaust victims. Anne lived her childhood very happily before the war. Anne was born into a small family in Germany. Annelies Marie Frank, also known as Anne Frank, was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany (“Anne Frank Biography”). There were a variety of religions in Frankfurt during this time. She and her parents, Edith and Otto Frank, and her older sister, Margot, were German Jewish, and they were an upper-middle class family. The Frank families had lived in Frankfurt for many generations before, too. Otto was a World War I lieutenant, and he ran a business in Germany (“Anne Frank Biography”). When Hitler came to power, many things changed. After World War I, the German economy was very unstable. This was when…show more content…
In 1933, Otto moved his business, and he “became the managing director of the Dutch Opteka Company, which manufactures products used in making jam.” (“Anne Frank Biography”). Afterwards, the whole family followed him, and Anne was the last to arrive in February 1934. Until the age of five years, Anne lived happily with her family in Amsterdam. She had friends and went to a good school (Adler 5). Then suddenly, in May 1940, the German army invaded Holland. They created even more rules that limited the rights and privileges of all of the Jews in their
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