Otto Von Bismarck 's Foreign Policy Affect The Creation Of Germany

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The creation of Germany was made possible through the great ideas of Otto von Bismarck, the Prime Minister of Prussia. This investigation will explore the question: How did Otto von Bismarck’s foreign policy affect the creation of Germany? The first source that will be analyzed is Jonathan Steinberg’s Bismarck: A Life. This is a very valuable source because Steinberg was a professor at Cambridge University for 33 years teaching, he now teaches at the University of Pennsylvania as professor of Modern European History. His teaching covers modern Europe since 1789, primarily focusing on the German, Austrian Empires, Nazi Germany, and Fascist Germany showing that he is very knowledgeable on this topic. The purpose in writing this book is to “illuminate the life of the statesman who unified Germany but who also embodied everything ruthless about Prussian culture (Steinburg i).” Steinberg wants to give an insight on Bismarck’s life, the thinking, and how the type of person he was affected his plan in creating Germany. In this book Steinberg heavily focuses on contemporary writing, allowing Bismarck’s friends and enemies to tell the story. “I met and read the letters and diaries of the greatest figures in Prussian society” (x). This is a strength for it allows the reader to see how Bismarck friends and foes viewed him as a leader during the process. While the focus on contemporary writing is a strength, it is also a limitation because some of the writing towards
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