Otto Warmbier Trial Essay

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The Arrest and Trial Otto Warmbier began to board his plane to leave the country of North Korea on January 2nd 2016. As he was boarding his plane to leave, authorities came and arrested him on charges of subversion. An Irish student who was also on the same flight as Otto Warmbier stated that he saw Warmbier being confronted by armed officials at the airport and dragged away (Lartey, 2016). While the tourist group began to leave on their plane the tour leader said “We’re missing Otto,” The tour leader then began to freak out according to witnesses. The leader started to frantically run up and down the plane. She went and tried to explain to the air hostess that “we’re missing Otto” and then ran to the business class and he was not there (NA, 2016). Otto Warmbier’s trial was held on February 29th 2016. He made a statement to North Korea’s highest…show more content…
citizens from traveling to North Korea for quite some time now to try to prevent a situation like this. The United States state department claims Otto Warmbier’s punishment was “unduly harsh” and have called for his immediate release and experts denounce the country’s legal process (NA, 2016). Traveling to North Korea poses the risk of getting arrested and receiving long-term detention for actions that would not be a good cause for arrest in the United States or other countries. Katharine Moon from the Brookings Institute said: “There’s no due process at all and everybody is handpicked by the regime ... They are not independent assessors of people’s guilt or innocence.” In November of 2014 two Americans, Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller were released after having similar sentences for committing presumably minor crimes in the country. “This is what the North Koreans do,” said Steven Weber, a professor of political science at the University of California at Berkeley (Lartey, 2016). “Their repertoire is pretty limited, and they keep doing the same things to turn the temperature
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