Our Babies, Ourselves, By Meredith Small

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In Meredith Small’s article Our Babies, Ourselves she focuses on people’s social and psychological development through examining the different cultural aspects of raising a child. During this process she compares the American perspective of treating babies, to those of the Gusii and the Dutch. Throughout her examination many points are made that I believe can give the reader’s a valuable understanding of the impact of different means of parenthood on a child’s future development. First and foremost, I would like to examine the American culture. In America the idea of individualism is the most prevalent when speaking in terms of raising a child. Most parents will not hold their babies as much as in other cultures, and they place them in rooms of their own to sleep in as Meredith points out in her article. Furthermore, in most cases American parents will simply ignore the cries of their child in order to instill the idea of individualism and self-reliance at a young age. It is my belief that this idea of self-reliance was instill in all Americans within the foundation of our country. Our country is a capitalist nation that if you work hard enough you can do anything you want to, but also whoever is the best will essentially be at the top of this hierarchical system. Therefore, I believe that the reason American parents decide to instill this since of individualism within their children, is in hope that they will remember these values as they continue growing and one day face
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