Our Body Is A Resource Of Untapped Potential

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Your body is a resource of untapped potential. Your mind has the ability to stop you or propel you forward. Where is your mindset?

People don 't want to acknowledge fear. Your fear will keep you stuck. Making excuses, procrastinating and putting off uncomfortable things is easy to do. Instead of speaking about your fears what if you spoke to your fears? Speaking back to that fearful voice brings you one step closer to taking back your power. How would you be different if you developed a positive mindset?

There are three innate fears in infants including sudden motion, loud or abrupt noises, and sudden approach. As you get older those fears diminish. What did they get replaced with? Avoidance, many times, is a learned response to a …show more content…

This could include resentments, anger, sadness or feeling trapped. Choose to let go of the fear. What would you say? Are there things that you always wanted to say, but never had the ability to verbalize? Make the choice to find your voice and talk back to the fear. Take charge and release the thoughts and emotions that feed your resistance.

While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).

Set up: Even though I have this fear and it keeps me from doing things, I deeply love and accept all parts of myself.
Even though I spend time thinking about what I don 't want to do and will avoid things that are uncomfortable for me, I choose to continue working toward my goals.
Even though I do certain things that appear positive, sometimes they are really to avoid my fears, and I can choose to release my fears when I am ready to moving forward with confidence and poise.

Eyebrow: I have been stuck with this for too long now.
Side of Eye: This fear has a grip on me and I don 't know how to release it.
Under Eye: I avoid doing some things because I am fearful.
Nose: This fear is a burden.
Chin: This fear overshadows me.
Collarbone: This fear affects my self confidence.
Under Arm: This fear has been around for too long.
Head: I will tackle this fear when I am ready to with confidence and courage.

Eyebrow: I know that this fear served a purpose.
Side of Eye: This fear helped to protect me at one time.

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