Our Changing Society

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Throughout the years our society has gotten considerably worse. Many factors in the modern day has had a part in the negativity in the world. Our music has become everything about drug life, sex life and "thug life". Not only has music impacted our change, but the increase in violence has affected it. Violence can become an after effect due to what is on TV and cemented into our brains. People have lost all knowledge of common sense. The last factor that makes our society ugly is the rate in bullying. There are more teens committing suicide due to ill-treatment. It is sad to be a part of the society we live in today. The actual meaning behind music has downgraded. Songs that are popular among-st us, not only the adolescence, have become…show more content…
[Shows such as Jersey Shore, the Real World, etc.] Shows like that show people that "Hey, this is the ok way to react to any given situation." The worst part is the drama in these shows attracts the attention of our minds, idling ignorant people. It has impacted the outcome of house lives, relationships, and friendships. These kind of television shows make it seem alright if you act out. These people in these shows are paid to drink on a daily basis, and give us the exact drama that we are attracted to. Domestic violence is increasing due to people not acknowledging that when you have a problem, it is best to sit down and talk about it rather then raise a fist or force a gun against someones head. Television is a source of our violence increase but there are also some really demented people out there. People go around shooting up schools, killing innocent people, and degrading the world day by day. These people somehow get some sense of happiness causing harm to others. Lastly, bullying in schools is a part of our worsening in the changing society. Just within the last couple months I see "RIP" all over my social networking site about kids, some who haven 't even made it to high school, committing suicide due to bullying. The most recent one I have heard about was the Amanda Todd Suicide. Somehow people get a sense of fullfillment by belittling people and making them feel like
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