Our Changing World : Fast Food

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Our changing world: fast food
It is evident the world today is changing in many fronts. In the food industry, the consumption of the fast foods is increasingly becoming popular. Despite warnings from the nutritional specialists that fast foods pose many health risks, these foods continue to become popular. Fast foods are unhealthy and lead to health conditions like obesity, weight gain, and type-2 diabetes (Matthews, 2005). These foods comprise high energy densities that prompts high and excess intake of calories. Moreover, major fast foods contain excessively high quantities of trans-fatty acids, which are produced scientifically. Taking these foods contribute to elevated abdominal obesity, weight gain, and type-2 diabetes (Matthews, 2005). The popularity of fast foods in the world today pose a possible health crisis as they are increasing health related problems and mortality. The government and other related institutions have the responsibility of committing more resources to addressing the problem, failure to which, a health crisis will emerge characterized by increased mortality.
Reasons for high consumption of fast foods The modern world has realized escalated levels of fast food consumption as a result of various changes in lifestyle. One of the main reasons people have turned to consumption of fats foods is highly demanding work schedules. Long working hours as well as commuting time increases the chances of individuals opting for fast foods. Fast…
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