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“Our Cheating Hearts” by Robert Wright was the most intriguing of the three articles, and it tried to enlighten the reader on the complex and sometimes confusing issue of human relationships. Wright is an evolutionary psychologist who feels that the brain like any other organ has changed throughout the evolution of time. Just as any other animal, a human’s main objective in life is to pass on our genes, and if we cannot do this with our significant other than many humans will deem cheating as a viable option. Wright does not encourage people to cheat but in the article it does seem that he regards cheating as almost the rational thing to do. As much as I do not want to agree with him I feel as though he makes a convincing argument. …show more content…
It looks good; it smells good. He is not hungry, but he will eat the cake anyway. I thought that was a great analogy and that man sometimes cheat when they see a woman who is attractive and appears to be interested, even though there is nothing lacking in their marital relationships, they initiate affairs anyway.
I found it very interesting that women tend to cheat on there spouse more during time of ovulation when they are most likely to be pregnant. That is a scary thought that many fathers could conceivably be raising children that were not sired by them. I certainly do not think we should solve this problem by demanding the children of past relationships to be killed like the Yanomamo’s of South America do. However, I do think that DNA testing should be less expensive so that many families could end the doubt of who is truly the parent. Under the section as to why women cheat I thought the author failed to mention a few obvious reasons that women are starting to catch up to males when it comes to cheating. Sex researchers agree that today more women are committing adultery than ever before. Over the last twenty years more and more women are entering the workforce and working outside the home alongside men, oftentimes in office environments that are charged with sexual electricity. It seems as though some women could get involved in extramarital

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