Our Cup Of Coffee Is More Addictive And Harmful Than A Joint Of Marijuana Essay

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Your cup of coffee is more addictive and harmful than a joint of marijuana. Marijuana a.k.a. weed, cannabis, doja, ganja, reefer, the devils lettuce, grass, pot, dank and dope, is one of the safest drug a human can use as well as the most used illicit substance in the United States. The rate of use in people under 18 has increased while the rate of people who think the drug is dangerous is decreasing. The myth that marijuana users are “losers” and unsuccessful just does not add up. The majority of successful people have used the drug in some form which contradicts the common misconception of it making people lazy, unmotivated and unproductive. Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Phelps, Barack Obama, John F Kennedy, Thomas Edison and George Washington have all openly admitted to using of the drug and all of them are extremely well known and successful. This all started in 1970 when Richard Nixon created the Controlled Substance Acts. At this time there was not enough scientific information to make marijuana legal or illegal, and Nixon was selfish along with being prejudice towards Jews and racist towards Mexicans and Blacks (he thought cultures used it as weapon). Nixon made a comment saying “Enforce the law, you’ve got to scare them.” Which was him telling congress to figure out a way to prevent marijuana from being accepted, their way of doing it was to make marijuana a Schedule 1 drug. A schedule 1 drug means it has a high potential for abuse, no medicinal

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