Our Dangerous Dependence on Fossil Fuels Essay

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America depends on fossil fuels in many different ways, from travel to large industries. What will happens when the world runs out of fossil fuels? Renewable energies have the power to save our environment and change the world as we know it. Fossil fuels are not going to last forever. America has already started to implement renewable sources of energy, such as, wind mills, dams, solar power and nuclear power. Eventually we will need to utilize these resources in areas that are dependent on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have been proven to be damaging to our environment, economy and has made the United States vulnerable to dangerous and unstable countries by exporting the resources that they have. The U.S. depends on countries like Sadie…show more content…
All three of these resources draw energy from nature to supply energy to our country. The only major down fall to these energy resources according to William Tucker in his article “Why I Still Support Nuclear Power, Even After Fukushima”, is that they don’t produce a large amount of our needed energy. Another source of natural energy is nuclear power. According to “Our Energy Choices” provided by The Union of Concerned Scientists, Nuclear energy does not produce any harmful side effects to the environment directly. However, any disasters created by or around nuclear energy has a very real possibility of being disastrous. In order to sustain our country and economy, we need to consider what alternatives we can turn to when there are no more fossil fuels left. If Americans are pro-active about this, then we can eliminate this issues. Car companies have already considered this and started to produce cars that do not rely on fuel as much. A great example of this would be the Chevrolet Volt. This car runs on both electricity and fuel, and can go up to 900 miles in between fill ups (Chevrolet Volt (2014). Retrieved from ). We need to develop transportation that doesn’t rely on fuel at all and can run on renewable
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