Our Day Out Play Analysis

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It was essential for us to watch a live theatre performance for our Unit 2 of our GCSE’s, ergo on January 27th 2016 we attended a performance of ‘Our Day Out’. This took place at the Moseley School Theatre and it was performed by Moseley School students in years 7-11 (12-16 year olds). The directors, writers, directors and cast selectors were Moseley School drama teachers, Mr Pullen and Mrs Ellis.

They used Proscenium staging. The stage had many three different permanent levels and there were also levels and setting created by using wooden blocks to create structure, for example the castle tower and the bus seats. There were different levels to show a greater distinction between the different settings. This was more effective than different
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This is as a result of the innovative and unique usage of abstract drama. They used a conscious alley and an essence machine. They passionately and repeatedly uttered “No one can take away this time!” I adored this part of the play as it created a very mystical and unusual atmosphere just like Mr Briggs’ emotions during the end of the play. It also showed regret as his mind was showing the people’s time he was “taking away”. This was an excellent addition to the play as the play doesn’t have this and this ingenuity added to Mr Brigg’ character as the audience despised his actions more. Overall, I think that this was the best bit as the audience sense the extra effort made by the cast to make the play more…show more content…
There were multi-coloured lights and these were effectively used to create a disco resembling atmosphere. This was when the students and the teachers went to the fairground (fun fair). The disco lights were used to symbolise enjoyment and thrill. It created a fun and joyous atmosphere as the audience feel as if they are a part of the play and it gives the performance a more down-to-Earth feel. They also used dark moments by turning off the spotlights to allow the actors to move from scene to scene. Spotlights were effectively used to highlight the main part of the scene, if there was more than one thing going on. This created a tense atmosphere as the audience is made to feel that one part of the scene is more important than the rest. This puts them on the edge of their seats as they concentrate more on one bit of the action and they are, therefore, more inclined to pay more attention to the crucial event in the play that may affect the audience’s view of the play as a whole and individual characters. A place where spotlighting was efficaciously used was when Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs were talking about the future of the children. The spotlights were used because the event gave a positive impression of Mr Briggs by portraying him as a considerate teacher, who only wants the best for the students, and a negative portrayal of Mrs Kay, who believes that the students will not achieve anything in
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