Our Dependency on Technology Has Gone Too Far Essay

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Over the years technology has become more advanced and it has become a big part of our everyday life. Technology has played some big roles in education, medicine, agriculture, communication,safety, and the economy.While technology has become a big part of our life it has caused some bad side effects in jobs, communication, education, agriculture, and safety. The advances in technology have improved the health of many people world wide. For instance a Smartphone Ultrasound allows medical people of under privileged or remote areas to be able to image a patient kidney, liver, and other arteries. They use an application that turns a smartphone into an ultrasonic imaging machine. In some countries there are not enough doctors to help serve…show more content…
These campaigns are able to ask any smartphone user if they would like to donate a dollar in the charity. While we are grateful for the advances in communication there can be some disadvantages. Many people use smartphones and laptops which keep them tied to their work 24 hours a day. This causes them to be distant from their family and friends. For employees who carry smartphones or tablets the workday does not end a 5 p.m.. While the advances in communication have improved productivity it has come at the cost of workers personal well being and its difficult for them to find balance in their work life and personal life. Utilizing social media has been shown to enhance communication, social interaction, and sharpen technical skills of teenagers. Benefits to teens of social media allow them to socialize with friends, make new friend, and even help each other on group projects or homework. Studies indicate that over 20% of teenagers log onto social media sites over 10 times in one day. A con in social media is that its has caused cyberbullying and online hate. Studies have shown that online harassment is no more common than offline harassment. Another con in social media is that sexting has increased 20% in teens. These teens have indicated that they have posted nude or semi nude photos of themselves. Teens do not realize the risk
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