Our Emotional Response to Music

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All our emotions are affected by something, and the music is one part of these things. My main aim of this study is to show you the real meaning of music, the uses of music, the emotional responses of music, does music affect other things plus to our emotions? Also, to show you how can music control the hormone levels in the body? The exciting music in the films, you are the type of the music that you are listening to. Let’s read and know more about music. Did you ask yourself about the meaning of music? Music is made up from beauty, thoughts, and feelings (Juslin; Västfjäll2008). According to Beethoven, the real meaning of music is “From heart is came, to the heart may it go” (1979:8). Actually, I found the definition of music very romantic and beautiful. It has a lot of meanings like: tenderness, love and familiarity. I feel like there is a strong connection between the music and the heart. So, let us recognize music and know more aspects about it. When we listen to music, our emotions change in a quick way (Juslin; Västfjäll2008). For example, when someone is sad and he will listen to sad music, he will remember the bad memories during his life. It happened to me actually when I am disappointed from something or sad, I tend directly to listen to sad music. So, after that my emotions change quickly. This is the way that music can motivate our feelings. In addition, music makes us enjoy our time when we are listening to it, and feel comfortable (Juslin;

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