Our Entrepeneur History

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It certainly was not in my "plan", but when you marry a mechanic and you have the smarts to make it happen, you do. I had only paid medical and life insurance claims, as well as bookkept for a racing organization up until that point, but for some reason, I was really good at the business end of things. It just fit like a glove, and things were instinctual to me. I actually found that many of my friends that had accounting degrees, who would call me with questions on Quickbooks, made things way more complex than what the problem really was. They were over thinking the issue instead of taking the straight line to the answer.
My ex-husband (X) and I sort of fell into business together, and it is an interesting story. The X had been working for Penn Garage for 7 years for a man named Lou Weiner, who was in his 70's at the time, who had owned it since the 1940's. Lou took it over from an old man that owned it since the building opened in the 1920's. Lou had promised X that he would sell him the building and business which was then located on the corner of 13th and Pennsylvania, next to the Molly Brown house, hence the name The Penn Garage. Lou was getting ready to retire and X had been tooling up for when we took over. We just had our second child on January 3, 1997 when Lou shocked us on February 14, 1997 that he sold the building to…
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