Our Environment : Preserving A Precious Asset

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Our Environment: Preserving a Precious Asset Rachel Carson once said, “The balance of nature is not a status quo; it is fluid, evershifting,in a constant state of adjustment. Man, too, is part of this balance.” Undoubtedly, man and woman assume a crucial role in the balance of nature. More controversial among man and woman is determining exactly what that role entails. For the upward of 200 years, writers have published varying ideas about the responsibility that we, as the inhabitants of earth, possess for the natural environment. Such publications have prompted for heavy debate among writers and the general public alike regarding our debt to nature. Hundreds of years later, the heated debate continues to draw attention and cause controversy among people, resulting in countless differing notions and opinions. The debate seems to be more relevant in the modern world than it has been in the past, the reason for such debate being that people are beginning to note the recent tendencies of nature. When considering these recent, extreme changes in the environment along with other solid sources of evidence, it is apparent that a change must be made to help preserve and restore the environment to its previous state- and that change begins with us. In Al Gore’s documentary about nature, An Inconvenient Truth, he addresses the alarming changes that mother nature is enduring. Some of the seemingly recent, notable changes of the environment mentioned in the documentary include the
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