Our Failing Education System

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It disgusted me to see our education system in such disarray while no one seems willing to make or allow any changes to occur, yet I was inspired to do my best to be a light in a failing system. From this movie and the readings I have done in this class, I realized that America is never going to have an education system that everyone agrees with, so the only thing we can do as a teacher is to ensure we are preparing young minds for the future as best as we possibly can.
Something I have learned about equal educational opportunities for citizens in America is that there have never been equal educational opportunities in America. Rather, in the education system, people seem to pick and choose which equality’s they wish to have. The film states that often with charter schools, there are more applications than spaces and so lottery and random selection is used to give every student applying a 'fair chance'. Looking at just that part, it does seem fair to do that because then things like favoritism, discrimination, or such do not occur when deciding which applicants will be allowed into the school. Yet, when we look at the broader picture we can see just how unfair this whole system actually is. The only way a child even has a chance of going to a charter school for a good education is if their parents are aware of how bad public schools can be, but often times most parents are not aware because they put trust in our…
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