Our Family Herritage

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“Please pardon our absence Henry and Clara.Our buggy’s wheel popped off,” I said smoothing out the folds in my dress. “Oh it’s quite alright,” Henry said waving off my comment. “What A lovely dress you have Mary,” Clara said goggling my finery. “Thank You Clara,” I said curtly. “Shall we sit down my dear?” My husband asked gesturing to our seats. “ Yes of course,” I said fingering the fine red material on the back of the chair. I neatly arranged my dress so it wouldn’t wrinkle, sat straight up, and and folded my hands in front of me. Actors rushed across the stage to begin the quirky tale.Smiling I turned to my husband and asked “What was the name of this exquisite play?” It’s called “Our American......,” He said slumping in his chair. I looked to the right and saw John Booth standing there, smoke coming out of his gun. Brave Henry jumped out of his seat and charged at the man. Henry was fast but John was faster. He stabbed Henry in the shoulder and jumped out of the box and onto the stage below. I could hear his bone snap but still he proceeded to continue to the middle of the stage. “Henry are you okay?” Clara said rushing to his side. I then looked back at my husband. Blood soaked his shirt, staining it red. So much I thought, so much blood. “ Honey can you move for me?” I squeaked. He did nothing except struggle to breath. In the background I heard John yell “Sic semper tyrannis!” but I didn’t care. I just opened my mouth and screamed. Everyone went into a panic,

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