Our Generation Stereotypes

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"Young people are so annoying and lost their sense of manners". "Young people don't think about their life choices because they mainly focus on drugs and drinking". These are some of the negative comments that our generation receives on a daily basis but most of all, we always hear that our generation is draining the society and how we are lazy and dont have the ability to do anything productive. These stereotypes constantly impact and surrounds adolescents and can either make us feel worthless to the society or makes us feel that we have a point to prove and establish that youth does have what it takes to make a difference. In some aspects I do believe that some of these stereotypes are true because I believe it depends on an individual and whether they have the desire to prove the world wrong about our…show more content…
I do think it would be helpful if our generation interacted more with politics and our communities because since we have a more impact on the society it would raise more awareness around our community and it would bring a better vibe and positive reactions to our society. The main question that puts pressure on our generation is if the youth has what it takes to change the world and I believe yes. Yes the youth can change the world because we have so many more opportunities to make every idea possible and we thrive to bring out more creativity in the world. With our ambition to accomplish our dreams and our ability prove our skills and talent, the youth can change the world. We can live outside our phones and we can become more active and contribute more to our communities because the youth can do anything if we truly put our mind to
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