Our Genes And Only The Fair Deserve The Grape

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The two articles that will be examined for this paper is, Is ‘Do Unto Others’ Written in our Genes and Only the Fair Deserve the Grape. These articles explore the ideas of morality and reciprocity and gives ideas into whether or not they combine. They offer similar views of why people help one another. Wade’s article offers the idea that morality is that the the core of creation of social norms and that in order for humans to get along their selfishness must be limited (Wade, 2007). The works of Dr. Haidt are discussed and how they believe that morality is motivated by two separate mental systems. The first system are what he calls moral intuition, which are based on emotional behaviours that evolved before the evolvement of language (Wade, 2007). The second mental system of morality is moral judgement, which is where people are able to tell the difference why something is right or wrong (Wade, 2007). This relates to the idea of reciprocity, this explains why people choose to either help someone or refuse based on their moral judgements of the situation. Dr. Haidt uses the moral response to disgust in order to understand what actions take place in people making judgements about what the person is doing (Wade, 2007). When disgust is elicited by someone, about a particular situation both moral intuition and moral judgement are at play in order to make assumptions of whether the person is “good” or “bad”; and morally right or wrong (Wade, 2007). This connects to his view of…
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