Our Group Organized A Science Event

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THE EVENT: Our group organized a science event titled “Nap15”, a word play on the mathematical notation of ‘power’. Our objective was to dispel and debunk the myth that any duration of a powernap is beneficial for increasing productivity and alertness. Instead, we sought to establish a key message of a fifteen-minute optimal powernap time, which yielded recuperative effects without any detrimental side-effects (Hayashi, Motoyoshi, & Hori, 2005).Our target audience was current university students at the University of Western Australia (UWA) who are about to sit for the end-of-semester examinations. I, together with a few other classmates, was involved in planning and brainstorming ideas during the pre-event stage. We were in charge of…show more content…
We also wanted to exude an informal, cosy ambiance at our booth. Hence we came up with the idea of bringing cushions, pillows and inflatable mattresses for visitors to play with and sit on, complete with background music. Having interactive activities has been shown to increase satisfaction in participants (Bultitude & Sardo, 2012). Atmosphere plays an important role in marketing, and a cosy ambience helps to make people feel at ease and more receptive (Kotler, 1973). On the actual day of the event, I was part of the Advertising and Recruiting Team, where were dressed up in pyjamas and approached passers-by to answer a short question and visit our booth to try our crossword puzzle challenge and find out more about power napping. I managed to bring in about 20 people to our booth. EFFECTIVE SCIENCE COMMUNICATION: Effective science communication is essential because it allows scientists to communicate important knowledge and beneficial findings in a clear, easily understood way to the masses (Burns, O 'Connor, & Stocklmayer, 2003). When scientists are able to translate technical jargon into plain language for non-experts, they are able to dispel myths incorrect beliefs more effectively and convincingly. This would increase erudition and quality of life in society as a whole, as people are able to make sound, informed decisions. (Aguinis, Pierce, Bosco, Dalton, & Dalton, 2011) Good science
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