Our Group Surveyed Homeless Individuals To Find Out What

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Our group surveyed homeless individuals to find out what needs they thought were most important. We walked around downtown Asheville near Vance Memorial Park, Library and other parts of downtown to understand the environment the homeless live daily. I could only invest two hours on the project due to the lack of communication with BeLoved and finding ways of transportation that will work around everyone’s schedule. My next steps are to provide a data analysis on the information we collected. 2) Individually, people find themselves engaged in a variety of social environments and based on experiences of overlapping environments that determine the way in that one behaves. When we saw homeless people, it appears evident that the…show more content…
It gives us the sense to connect with others on a more interactive level. It allows us to become active people in the community and become the voice for others. For example, watching members of Asheville city council and voice opinions about how the community should help provide services for the homeless. When several community members voice the same concerns, this helps unite a community under a purpose. From experiences, I have learned that people who see others help will most likely help if there are a strong structure and a mission behind it. BeLoved has done that for others. It has provided shelter, a safe place, food, clothes and most of all, love and faith for everyone that comes to BeLoved. The definition of being homeless can mean many things to different people. Some may think homeless are lazy people who are just unemployed or criminals trying to steal from others, or one would be sympathetic to their living conditions and they might have had a bad past that resulted in homeless. I think it is amazing to see that one word can have different meanings, after all this culture. Culture is how we create an understanding of socioeconomic status and practice our own interpretation. Therefore, culture is changeable depending on the structure. This allows us to see the struggles of healthcare among the homeless one way; however, the government can
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