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Our Hearts Fell to the Ground Questions The history of the Plains Indians and the American West is very interesting. The book Our Hearts Fell to the Ground by Colin G. Calloway really goes in depth on how life was for the Native American people, as well as the progression of the American West. I really felt that the book was a good source of information on the lives of the Native Americans and had an excellent outlook on how they lived their everyday lives. This book possesses many illustrations and documents that have their advantages and disadvantages. It also touches on the subject of how White soldiers really took over the Native American land and why this time was considered “a world in flux.” On pages thirty- three through…show more content…
Peace is always something to work towards and can only produce positive effects, but peace is not the only positive thing that the Indians worked towards. One final illustration that had a positive advantage was the symbol of the cow. This symbol is an extremely simple and non- extravagant drawing but I feel that it really stands for a lot. In the book it says that in 1868- 1869 Texas cattle were brought into the country. I believe that this symbol was an illustration of trade for the Native Americans. I think it marked the beginning of their trade because later on in the book there is a document of how the Indians go on to trade cattle for guns with other tribes. The image on page 48 really shows the trade use at its full potential by illustrating the trade within tribes. Trade is a very important in any civilization and is always an important advantage. There are some of negative illustrations as well in this book that really do not promote the advantages of the Native Americans. The first symbol that I noticed as a disadvantage to the Native Americans was the 1839- 1840 event. The Dakotas killed an entire village of Shoshoni Indians. I feel that this is a negative illustration because it really went against the unity that the Native Americans should have had. Another negative symbol that I discovered was actually used as a positive symbol earlier. I feel that the illustration on page 48 could be a negative

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