Our Iceberg Is Melting, By John Kotter

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“Once upon a time a colony of penguins was living in the frozen Antarctic on an iceberg near what we call today Cape Washington.” From the first sentence of John Kotter’s bestselling book, Our Iceberg Is Melting, it is difficult to tell that one is about to read a great fable about how to manage change in business as well as everyday life. ! The following summary will explain the key moments of the fable and how they relate to our lives. First, let’s introduce some of the more important penguins – the Leadership Council members. Louis, the head of the Leadership Council, could perhaps be considered the CEO of the penguin colony. Alice is a smart, aggressive member of the council, and is Fred’s loyal confidant. Buddy is a young penguin council member who may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but brings an element of trust among the council members. Fred is the most curious of all of the penguins; although he was an ‘unknown’ penguin in the beginning, he ultimately plays a very important role in the change process. Jordan, also known as the “Professor,” was the brains of the council; he could perhaps be considered the ‘researcher’ of the group. Although the penguins start out simply as individuals, in the end, they are a well working team capable of effectively managing change. Fred, a quite curious penguin, studies the wonderful iceberg that the penguins consider home. He comes across a problem which suggests that their beloved iceberg may be in danger of
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